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We're able to produce x-rays immediately during your office visit; including chest x-rays, abdominal x-rays, and x-rays of all extremities and bones. X-rays allow us to adequately diagnose what ails you and provide you with a specific treatment.


We specialize in heart disease and are equipped to perform echocardiograms to assess heart and vascular function. Patients with a heart condition, or congestive heart failure should establish their baseline heart function with an echocardiogram to ensure optimal health.

Carotid Dopplers

A common cause for dizziness is blockage of the carotid arteries, which are the arteries supplying the brain. Patients who have had a stroke or are experiencing dizziness, can visit us to obtain a carotid doppler to determine if the arteries are the source of these symptoms.

Venous & Arterial Dopplers

Doppler studies are ultrasound of the circulatory system of the upper or lower extremities. Pain in the extremities can be due to poor circulation in the arterial system. Swelling in the lower extremities can be caused by many factors however a very dangerous cause can be a clot in the leg known as a deep venous thrombosis and should be evaluated as soon as possible.


Urinary symptoms, including urinating often, difficulty with urine flow, or accidents that are unintended and embarrassing, can be caused by many factors such as infection, anatomic aberrancies, or prostate disease. We assess these problems with thorough testing that diagnoses the problem at the core of your symptoms and treat the disease.

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Dedication to Professionalism

AHP is a dedicated medical practice designed to meet your health needs in the most efficient manner possible. AHP is inspired to meet those needs that corporate medical facilities fail to meet or choose to overlook.

Avanta Health Professionals is a group of health care professionals established to provide the best standard of care for our patients to prevent disease and affect our patients’ health in a positive way.

We have a network of professionals that provide our patients all aspects of health care including conventional medical care.

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Our Affiliates

Avanta Health Professionals is affiliated with acute care facility, St. Joseph's Hospital Downtown, in order to provide our patients the facility most appropriate and closest to you and your family. In the unfortunate occasion when a patient is so sick that they need to be hospitalized, we arrange to admit the patient as conveniently and as swiftly as possible in order to achieve the easiest and healthiest transition into the hospital.

St. Joseph's Hospital Downtown
St. Joseph's Hospital Downtown
1401 St. Joseph Pkwy
Houston, TX 77002

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